The Walking Dead (AMC, 2010)

Industry – American Television US television networks, as a whole, constitute the largest television industry in the world. A significant majority of its programmes are syndicated globally. This has played into notions of the cultural domination that America has in … Continue reading

Bridesmaids (Dir. Paul Feig, 2011)

Industry: Film Bridesmaids is a comedy film that can be further categorised as a ‘buddy’ film because it focuses on friendships. It has also been described as a ‘gross out’ comedy, which aims to shock audiences through inclusion of ‘toilet … Continue reading

Magazine Industry, Terminology & Audience Theory

Introduction As part of this topic, you will investigate genre, narrative and representation in three British magazines. However, before we examine the focus texts, you need to become familiar with – What a magazine is; The types of magazines available in … Continue reading