Four Lions (Dir. Chris Morris, 2010)

Industry: Film Focus Text 2: Four Lions (Dir. Chris Morris, 2010) Four Lions is a controversial, low budget British black comedy, which deals with issues of ethnicity and identity in contemporary multi-cultural Britain. It follows the exploits of a group of … Continue reading

Spectatorship & Documentary

Introduction Definition of DOCUMENTARY 1: being or consisting of documents: contained or certified in writing ; 2: of, relating to, or employing documentation in literature or art; broadly: factual, objective ; Realism Realism is the dominant mode of representation … Continue reading

Magazine Industry, Terminology & Audience Theory

Introduction As part of this topic, you will investigate genre, narrative and representation in three British magazines. However, before we examine the focus texts, you need to become familiar with – What a magazine is; The types of magazines available in … Continue reading

The Fighter (Dir. David O. Russell, 2010)

Industry: Film The Fighter is a sports film, specifically within the cycle of boxing films. Raging Bull (1980) and Rocky (1976) also belong to this cycle. It is also a biographical film, often called ‘biopics’, as the narrative is based … Continue reading